Adesua Oni

Adesua Oni

Founder, Pregnancy Support Foundation

Saying I am excited about the AFRICAN NURSES, BREAKING BOUNDARIES summit would be an understatement.

Adrenaline rushed through my system and I watched one Nurse leader after another raise golden dust, speaking confidence and positive change into the lives of their colleagues.

I couldn’t sit still as I listened to phenomenal and outstanding nurses speak. Mr Charles nearly broke my bone yesterday when he explained how he confidently got himself right into the Rotary club. I was so fired up. I was soooo proud.

This is what I have been crying out for in this profession.

Nurses who would stand out and seek for ways by which to change the status quo.

I smelt it from afar when I saw the first flier and immediately I lurched at it and paid instantly Then shared with others.

I knew it!
This was it!
And it’s looking so amazing already despite having many more days to go in the event.

Thanks so much Josiah Jackson-Okesola and all the organisers who put this summit together ❤.

You are all amazing.

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