Drives massive support, inspiration, empowerment, and investment in African nurses, midwives, and healthcare workers through community mentorship, career acceleration programs, personal and professional development, workforce support and transformation, and internationally delivered exchange programs.
Connects, networks and collaborates with experts who are passionate about investing in and empowering an online community of over 16,000 healthcare workers in 7 African countries across 4 continents,
Maximizing the power of education technology to empower African nurses, midwives and students to reach their full potentials and attain the peak of their careers by unlocking the door to global opportunities
Online Radio & Podcast
Transforming the career journeys of African nurses and midwives through digital media innovation.
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The African Nurse Academy (TANA) is an African-based career acceleration and education technology hub run by overseas-based nurses passionate about local workforce reinforcement, career development and transformation, and global career breakthrough for African nurses and healthcare workers.
TANA maximizes the diaspora brainpowers to proffer innovative solutions to the daunting challenges of international ethical recruitment, promoting the intellectual export of nursing talents to higher-income countries while supporting self-sufficiency by driving investment in local workforce reinforcement and the domestic training of new nurses and midwives. 
TANA maximizes the synergy of diaspora brain powers to promote Brain Gain as a temporary measure for addressing the dilemma of Brain Drain. 
TANA’s mandate is anchored on the concept of Circular Migration with the ultimate aim of deploying the power of the diaspora to create technologically innovative solutions that address the challenges of nursing workforce development, health systems sustainability, and international ethical recruitment.


Online Community

Connecting, networking and collaborating with over 15,000 African Nurses and Midwives from across 12 African countries and 4 continents

Online Academy

Life impacting and career transforming mentorship and coaching from Africa's and world's best mentors, coaches, thought leaders, innovators, influencers and changemakers.

Online Radio & TV

On-Air digital media innovation dedicated to the broadcast of career transforming programs guesting Africa's and world's best mentors, coaches, thought leaders, innovators, influencers and changemakers.

The 90-Day Career Accelerator Program

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