Drives massive support, inspiration, empowerment, and investment in African nurses, midwives, and healthcare workers through community mentorship, career acceleration programs, personal and professional development, workforce support and transformation, and internationally delivered exchange programs.
Connects, networks and collaborates with experts who are passionate about investing in and empowering an online community of over 16,000 healthcare workers in 7 African countries across 4 continents,
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The African Nurse Academy (TANA) is an African-based career acceleration and education technology hub run by overseas-based nurses passionate about local workforce reinforcement, career development and transformation, and global career breakthrough for African nurses and healthcare workers.
TANA maximizes the diaspora brainpowers to proffer innovative solutions to the daunting challenges of international ethical recruitment, promoting the intellectual export of nursing talents to higher-income countries while supporting self-sufficiency by driving investment in local workforce reinforcement and the domestic training of new nurses and midwives. 
TANA maximizes the synergy of diaspora brain powers to promote Brain Gain as a temporary measure for addressing the dilemma of Brain Drain. 
TANA’s mandate is anchored on the concept of Circular Migration with the ultimate aim of deploying the power of the diaspora to create technologically innovative solutions that address the challenges of nursing workforce development, health systems sustainability, and international ethical recruitment.


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Connecting, networking and collaborating with over 15,000 African Nurses and Midwives from across 12 African countries and 4 continents

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What African Nurses Are Saying...

Nwoha Ngozi Blessing

Nwoha Ngozi Blessing

Nigeria, West Africa

I am overwhelmed with joy by this program.

I have been confused about staying or leaving the nursing profession. I did midwifery before nursing and this complicated my pathway in climbing the ladder since I want to remain a midwife since my graduation in 2006.

I recently had my RN in 2020 and currently on BNSC Nursing. Imagine the frustrations and stagnation.

This BB program has so much enlightened me and I now know better. With midwives like Olajumoke Adebayo who had excelled as midwives and Mr Osagie the seasoned Nursing entrepreneur, I now know how to navigate my pathway into being a successful midwife/nurse and recover all the wasted years. With working with other mentor Nurses as a team, and the sky is just my beginning… Welcome to my world!!!

Adesua Oni

Adesua Oni

Founder, Pregnancy Support Foundation

Saying I am excited about the AFRICAN NURSES, BREAKING BOUNDARIES summit would be an understatement.

Adrenaline rushed through my system and I watched one Nurse leader after another raise golden dust, speaking confidence and positive change into the lives of their colleagues.

I couldn’t sit still as I listened to phenomenal and outstanding nurses speak. Mr Charles nearly broke my bone yesterday when he explained how he confidently got himself right into the Rotary club. I was so fired up. I was soooo proud.

This is what I have been crying out for in this profession.

Nurses who would stand out and seek for ways by which to change the status quo.

I smelt it from afar when I saw the first flier and immediately I lurched at it and paid instantly Then shared with others.

I knew it!
This was it!
And it’s looking so amazing already despite having many more days to go in the event.

Thanks so much Josiah Jackson-Okesola and all the organisers who put this summit together ❤.

You are all amazing.

Molongo Stelyn

Molongo Stelyn

Cameroon, Central Africa

Breaking Boundaries is one of the most mind blowing events I have attended so far in 2021.

The summit has helped me redirect myself and impact my intellectual Know how.
Knowledge is indeed power. You never can know the opportunities out there until you attend seminars like this.

The Panelists have been exceptional so far and I can proudly say that my expectations for this event were never cut short.

The fire and Zeal for Nursing has been rekindled the more.
A big thanks to the organizers

Mallau Reuben Joseph

Mallau Reuben Joseph

Senator, Nigerian University Nursing Students Association

I have felt the impact of the African Nurse Breaking Boundaries. I am fully nurtured educationally, professionally and politically. This program made me realize that indeed nursing not Just a vocation but a profession.

Franca Eke Nyambi ( City Nurse)

Franca Eke Nyambi (City Nurse)

Nigeria, West Africa

This summit is excellent. It is one of the best things that have happened to me in recent times. So much value given out in one event! I asked myself how much could one pay for this value?

The sessions from day one has been impacting and mind blowing.
While listening to all speakers, the engine on my inside got fired up and charged, ready to break boundaries.
What more can I say?

Thank you so much to the organizers for birthing this breath taking event, I was literally gasping for air all through the sessions.

Thank you! Thank you! Gracias! Nagode! Daalu…

Saratu Alambazam Malum

Saratu Alambazam Malum


As young as I am, this event is the greatest I have ever attended! Full of inspiration and motivation about how my future could be.

From my point of view this is a blessing that unfolds till the next and next generations. It opens my eyes to get ready for change and also features how I can bless the younger generations coming after me.

I will never forget to be very grateful to my mentors bearing in mind that one day I will point out a name to say that it was my ladder to the way of success.

Ilenbarenemen Doris

Ilenbarenemen Doris

Nigeria, West Africa

This Breaking Boundaries Virtual Summit hasn’t even started but already, it is making me see how cold and cold I have been and at the same time igniting fire in me. I won’t forget this summit ever!


Akinbode-Mathew Olajumoke Toyin

Nigeria, West Africa

I have always had this yearning to be more than just a Nurse but a phenomenal one. This event met my cravings and provided me with like minded Nurses who are ready to mentor as many as are interested.

The event opened my mind to never wait but go all out there to make whatever I want happen because no one is ready to give you anything but you must be prepared to take it.

In addition, all sessions charged me to keep investing in and developing myself.

I am super ready to launch into series of self development as I kick start my MSc Nursing science come next January.

Abosede Adebayo

Abosede Adebayo

Nigeria, West Africa

Enlightening! Mind blowing! Worth every dime! Intellectual! Potentials Spurring!…
These and more describe this timely global event so far. Indeed, it is breaking boundaries.

Rashidat Abimbola

Rashidat Abimbola

Nigeria, West Africa

All the sessions have been wonderful and so motivational. I am truly blessed and happy to be part of this event.

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